Volunteer Opportunities

Once you are licensed and want to give back to the radio community, you can become a VE (Volunteer Examiner). As a VE you proctor FCC Exams, grade the exams and help non-HAMs to become HAMs

The VE Team is integral in the process, with roles like Team Lead, Grader, Runner.

The Team Lead put the team together and provides any training necessary for the new VE. The team lead operates the computer and prints the 605 and CSCE. The team lead ensures the VEs who graded the exam are listed on the 605 and CSCE, prints the forms, and hands the packet back to the runner for signatures of the VEs and the Applicant. Once all signed, the runner hands the CSCE to the applicant and ensures the 605 is in the packet, which they return to the team lead.

The Grader grades the exams, and on the W4CECVET (W4CEC Volunteer Examiner Team) the grading VE must be an Amateur Extra Class operator. Once the 605 and CSCE are printed, the runner will give the packet to the graders for signing. The graders all (3) sign the forms and give the packet back to the runner.

The Runner is a vital position of the team who, if you think about it, it the spine of the team. The runner moves the test from the applicant after they are finished to the grader, and ensures it is placed behind any waiting test to be graded. After grading, the runner ensures the answer sheet has the grading VEs initials and call sign and their associated grading highlighter color. The runner offers the next exam for a passing grade on the Technician and General and annotates the bottom left of the answer sheet as such; after congratulating them on passing the exam they came in to take. When the applicant is finished testing, the runner brings the packet to the computer for the printing of the 605 and CSCE.

If this sounds like a lot, it is not. Look at each piece, as any VE will only fit into one role in any test. It is a fun and rewarding event for all.

If you think becoming a VE with the W4CECVET is what you would enjoy, please CLICK HERE.

If you are looking to volunteer as a VE at a test session, please CLICK HERE.

If you are looking to assist with a Radio Merit Badge class, please CLICK HERE.

If you think becoming a VE with the W4CECVET is what you would enjoy, please CLICK HERE.