In order for you to get the best possible service in registration, you will need to contact the FCC CORES system and apply for an FRN ID Number.

This number can and will be used for all of your licensing needs from this point forward.

Once you complete and have your FRN number, please return to this page and complete the registration to the left.

I M P O R T A N T * N E WS *
You will soon be required to have an FRN# before testing. 

For the short term, your Social Security Number is still okay, but will soon no longer be the norm.
You may apply for an FRN# online now if you have an email address.

If you already have a ham license,

your FRN# is on the license.

If you would like to watch a YouTube video on the process, CLICK HERE.

To go to the C.O.R.E.S. System at the FCC,


 It will open in a new windows.  Return and complete the form after you receive your FRN#.

The W4CEC Laurel VE Group  (W4CECVET) is an offshoot and partnership with the Five Counties Volunteer Examiner Team (FCVET).  We are a group of VE's who believe in educating interested people in Amateur Radio, and then providing the FCC Exam

at no cost. 

We are all members of either the Franklin County Amateur Radio Club, the American Legion Amateur Radio Club, the Occoneechee Amateur Radio Society, or other clubs in the Louisburg, Wake Forest, Raleigh, Youngsville area of North Carolina.  Essentially the Far North Side of Raleigh.  We are in our early stages, and hope for this cooperation of mutual benefits for the clubs, the community, and the advancement of Amateur Radio will grow and prosper.


PLEASE NOTE:  Before you can continue, an FRN number issued by the FCC is required.  Read the highlighted YELLOW information below on how you can gain an FCC Registration Number, or FRN.

W4CEC Volunteer Examiner Team

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Amateur Radio Exam Registration

Do you have a question?


Visit our CONTACT page and ask away.  Your VE staff is more than happy to answer your questions!