Chris Cancilla was granted his Technician in December of 2013 and enjoyed his repeater time, but in 2018 realized a new world opens at General. Considering the fact that his Elmer, Elden Morris (N1MN) would not stop hounding him to advance!Chris attained his General in August of 2018 and yes, took the Extra exam right after passing General. At first, he thought it was not a real test (he had not looked at the material yet) since it seemed obvious that there were made-up words on the test!

He did begin to study for the Extra test and for the remainder of the year tried to learn those odd new words and realized those were REAL words, words that he now understands, and went on to pass his Amateur Extra exam in December of 2018.

Since that time he has been involved in the education of new operators, and as a Volunteer Examiner for both the ARRL and Laurel. 

He put the original blame on Elden Morris, N1MN, for getting him interested in radio.  But at the same time, thanks Elden for this fun and interesting hobby.

Scouting Activities and Amateur Radio Affiliations

Boy Scouts of America

  • Assistant District Commissioner, Neuse River District, Occineechee Council
  • Council Commissioner for Training
  • Radio Merit Badge Counselor
  • Adult Outdoor Trainer
  • President of the Occoneechee Amateur Radio Society (OARS)
  • Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow

Amateur Radio Affiliations

  • FCARC – Franklin County Amateur Radio Club
  • OARS – Occoneechee Amateur Radio Society
  • TALARC – The American Legion Amateur Radio Club
  • K2BSA – Boy Scouts of America Radio Club
  • American Legion Post #187, Wake Forest, NC
  • Laurel VEC Volunteer Examiner
  • Primary for the W4CEC Laurel VE Team

About Chris Cancilla, Author

Chris spent 14-years in the U.S. Air Force; his first job was as a Munitions Specialist (yes – AMMO – I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S.) and his second job in the Air Force was as a PMEL Tech, that’s Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory or Calibration Specialist.

Chris Cancilla is the author of a great many books, including a 7-Part Time Travel Novel series, a 5-Part briefing on understanding the world of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – of which Chris is well informed as a 20+ year experienced EDI Developer.

Chris has also written several cookbooks with both family/group menus, and also a book dedicated to personal – backcountry – trail type meals that are lightweight and good to eat on a cold, or warm, evening. Go to http://AuthorCancilla.com  learn more and pick up a book that interests you, and enjoy!  

Lastly, there is a book of answers.  With questions coming from those interested in Amateur Radio as a hobby.  The Why and the how are answered with hopefully the reader becoming interested in attaining their license.